Five ways we make it easy to shift to a childcare nutrition partner

Deciding whether to have an in-house chef or have food brought into your centre is never easy. While an in-house chef may sound appealing, it can have many limitations for Centre Directors and educators particularly given the current labour market, when resources are absent and the increasing complexity of childhood nutrition and allergy management. Here are 5 ways we make it easy to shift to a childcare nutrition partner.


Nutrition guaranteed

Our seasonal menus are designed and analysed by Accredited Practising Dietitians and an expert team, including chefs from various cultural backgrounds, aiming to provide a wide variety of wholesome, nutritious food with the ‘yum’ factor. Our goal is to ensure that our menu offers important macro and micronutrients for growth and development, particularly protein, iron and fibre, but also to provide meals that children are excited to eat. Using foods from the Five Core Food Groups is the main priority when planning our menus. We offer meals low in salt and sugar and supply the highest quality fruit and vegetables. Our menus are analysed by our team of dietitians to ensure we are meeting nutritional recommendations for childcare.


Easy, simple and cost-effective meal preparation and online ordering

We understand the daily struggles and challenges in the childcare setting. Our simple and easy meal preparation takes away the daily hassles and time constraints of having to make and cook food from scratch. Simply heat and serve with clear, simple instructions using standard kitchen appliances. There is no need for a full commercial kitchen if you don’t already have one and minimal food planning and preparation skills are required. Food delivery is guaranteed regardless of whether you have kitchen staff available on the day or not – preparation is so easy, anyone can jump in and prepare the meals if necessary.


Ground-breaking allergen management

Our unique ordering platform analyses by elimination over 100 allergen ingredients and ensures that where a child cannot have a component on the menu, a healthy alternative is available. There has never been an instance where we were not able to provide a child with a nutritious and tasty meal, no matter how complex their allergen profile may be.

We offer a wide range of tasty and nutritional dietary meals for children with special dietary needs. Each meal is delivered in an individually sealed package with the child’s name and room on the label, leaving little room for error and reducing the chance of cross-contamination.


Environmentally friendly

We want to make your life easier, but we care about the environment too; therefore, all of our lunch meals and cakes come in fully recyclable ready to bake trays. We source our produce from local suppliers, and your meals are delivered to your centre by our friendly team three times a week, reducing food miles whilst still guaranteeing fresh, tasty meals for your centre.


Developing super heroes of the future

On top of all of that, as your childcare nutrition partner, our wellbeing program empowers and supports parents and caregivers with the latest advice and tips to help teach children about fuelling healthy bodies to be the best they can be.