Childcare catering

Time to thrive

We’re proud to help centres, children and families to grow and thrive every day. Wholesome food, beautifully balanced menus, savings and simplicity ­– plus allergy management that’s second to none.

Wellbeing Food Company - Childcare Catering - Beef & Red Lentil Sheperds Pie

Childcare catering difference

Healthy humans

Healthy humans
    • Inspired menus by dietitians, nutritionists and expert chefs.


    • Optimal childhood nutrition with great flavours and textures.


    • Breakthrough technology to analyse over 100 allergen ingredients against individual dietary needs.


Thriving centres

Thriving childcare centres
  • Simple online ordering and reliable delivery.

  • Easy, heat-and-serve preparation with clear instructions.

  • No need for commercial kitchens, specialised kitchen staff or complex meal planning.

Happy families

Happy families
  • Engagement and reassurance for prospective and current families via healthy meals, well-fed children and renowned allergy management.

  • Access to expert resources for families and caregivers.

Local love

Local Love
  • Committed to working with and sourcing from local suppliers wherever possible.

Quality & safety

Quality and Safety
  • Exceptional standards and compliance across quality assurance, health and safety.

  • Kitchens and suppliers are HACCP-approved with strict supplier approval procedures.


We strive to help protect the planet, minimise our environmental impact and support other likeminded organisations.

  • Fully recyclable baking trays.
  • Biodegradable baking trays for special dietary needs saving people and the planet.
  • Collection and reuse or delivery boxes**.
  • Minimal waste via great taste (with less leftovers).
  • Careful route planning to reduce food miles.

    ** Queensland only.