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Why partner with us

We’re passionate about improving daily life for centres, children and families. Here’s just a sample of the benefits of partnering with us – for today and tomorrow.

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Childcare providers

Time, space & labour savings

Time, space & labour savings
  • No need for commercial kitchens, specialised staff or complex planning.

  • Simple preparation, fast online ordering, reliable delivery.

Ace nutrition & taste

Nail Nutrition and Great Taste
    • Delicious menus by dietitians, nutritionists and expert chefs.


    • Optimally balanced meals with fresh, natural, local ingredients.


Maximise safety & minimise risk

Maximis safety & minimise risk
  • Reduced inherent risks of in-house cooking.

  • Exceptional safety and quality compliance.

Manage allergies & special diets

Manage Allergies
  • Technology to generate instant, tailored options for specific dietary needs.

  • Allergy-safe meals individually sealed and clearly labelled.

Ramp up reputation & scale to suit

Ramp Up Reputation
  • Attract and engage families with expert support, nutrition and renowned allergy management.

  • Capability to meet needs of diverse groups and individual centres.

  • Personal service and homestyle cooking for any size, scale or demands.

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A better today

  • Balanced and nutritious meals for lasting energy, more stable moods and vitality – to pack more fun into every day.
  • Vitamins and nutrients to support immunity and recovery from illness.
  • Wholesome, minimally-processed foods to help maintain a healthy weight.
  • Allergy management approach that encourages inclusion and belonging – with safe (similarly scrumptious) meals for all.

A better tomorrow

  • Early exposure to healthy eating habits, establishing a pattern for life.

  • Reduced risk of developing chronic diseases like heart disease, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

  • Build foundations for healthier skin, teeth, bones and digestive system.

Parents & Families

Peace of mind

  • All children are embraced and protected, with specialist expertise to manage individual allergies, intolerances, cultural and family preferences.

  • Wholesome menus planned and prepared by experts – ticking all the boxes for great nutrition.

Support & relief

  • Pick up calmer, happier children at day’s end.

  • Dial down dinner anxiety, knowing children have eaten well at childcare (up to half their daily food intake).

  • Progress picky eaters, with exposure to a variety of textures and flavours among their peers.

  • Great advice, tips and recipes for better childhood health and wellbeing.