Nutritional Details

Children consume around half of their daily intake of food at daycare, making healthy, balanced meals essential for proper growth and development.

The Wellbeing Food Company

Meal Design Principles

Daily Nutritional Required Adherence

All days in the menu cycle contain important macro and micronutrients essential for proper growth and development. The Wellbeing Food Company meals have concentrated on essential nutrients such as protein and fibre which is often lacking in many childrens diets.

A main meal plus morning and afternoon tea with wholesome core foods is supplied each day, providing vitamins, minerals and energy for healthy kids. The meal and snack serves have been based on the Australian Dietary guidelines ‘Eat for Health - children’s brochure’ on the Eat for Health government website.

There is also a pantry pack available for those hungrier tummies.

Outlined by The Wellbeing Food Company policy and backed by the menu planning guidelines for Long Day Care Centres.

Using foods from the 5 Core Food Groups are the main priority when planning all meals for Childcare Centres with a particular focus on supplying fresh fruit, vegetables and salads each day. This is in line with the Dietitians Association of Australia guidelines.

The menu minimises or eliminates the need for using discretionary foods whilst providing fun, tasty nourishing foods that kids enjoy.

All serving sizes are age appropriate and are in accordance with the ‘Eat for Health’ required food serving sizes for Australian children.

All menus are constructed by The Wellbeing Food Company with practicing Dietitian's that are experienced and a passionate about providing nourishing healthy foods for every Australian child.

Healthy & Balanced

Balanced Macro-Nutrients

The Wellbeing Food Company provides chef designed, dietitian approved meals for children so you can be rest assured their nutrition is being looked after. The Wellbeing Food Company meals are freshly cooked for maximum nourishment and taste.

The Wellbeing Food Company menus have been designed to include wholegrain and low GI carbohydrates for long lasting energy levels, protein for growth and keeping little tummies full, fibre to aid good digestion and healthy fats for brain development. Each day provides children with fibre and a large serving of fruit and vegetables.

Sample Menus