A feast for the senses

We help you nourish and energise children while building healthy habits. We know variety is the spice of life and we’re brimming with childcare menu ideas they’ll love.


Our menus

We provide weekly menu plans, and our recipes reflect the seasons. While meeting or exceeding all official guidelines, our food is fun and easy to eat. From mouth-watering morning tea ideas for childcare to lip smacking snacks.

Weekly menu examples

BK57 Wellbeing Food Company - Childcare Catering - Pineapple Loaf
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Infant food - purees

We can provide nourishing infant purees with no added sugar or salt. All GMO free, no additives and using locally sourced ingredients.

The pantry

We also offer ‘pantry packs’ for flexibility – because everyone needs a stash of healthy snacks for extra-hungry little humans.



What’s new on the menu ?

Power-packed portions

Growth, learning and playtime take energy! Our team constantly monitors ingredients and portions to best meet children’s energy needs – and power healthy development every day.

Based on detailed analysis, we have increased lunch serving sizes by 25% for three- to five-year-olds. Now with eight serves per tray, our lunches provide 50% of their recommended daily intake of energy (kilojoules): the same as our current portion sizes for one- to two-year-olds.

That’s more fuel … for more fun.

Baked-in goodness

Our new bakery range is enough to warm everyone’s heart. With 18 new products, our nutrient-dense snacks are low on sugar and salt – and big on fibre, iron, nutrients and warm tasty goodness. Our new range includes more savoury options and is 50% vegan, with fresh choices including savoury scones, inspired muffin flavours, and deceptively delicious veggie breads.

Pumping iron

Our breakthrough bakery range is now helping to iron out a common childhood medical issue – with all products fortified by 4mg of iron. We estimate the combination of our new fortified range and other meals will deliver around 75% of children’s daily recommended iron intake.

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Dishing it up

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“We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent service we have received, the experience was enjoyable. The food was amazing, so fresh, tasty and plentiful.”

Centre Director, South Brisbane

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“If our kitchen hand is away, it’s so straightforward that I can pop anyone into the kitchen and they can do it easily – with no delays, meal changes or hiccups. The meals are always consistent and we don’t have to scramble to fill on for a chef or plan alternate meals because someone’s away sick.”


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“When I tell parents how easily and confidently we can eliminate food ingredients for health or cultural reasons, right down to individual packaging and labelling, their minds are put at ease almost instantly.”


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“When I do centre tours for prospective families, they are blown away by the healthy balance and variety of meals. They often say the children eat far better than most adults!”

Centre Director

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“Just wanted to let you know the new menu is wonderful. The children are really enjoying the meals.”

Cook, North Harbour

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“If our kitchenhand is away … there’s no delays, meal changes or hiccups.”

Director, Cannon Hill

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“Parents often can’t believe what their child has gobbled up!”

Assistant Director, Salisbury