Special diets &
allergy management

Safe, tasty and inclusive

We specialise in helping clients navigate multiple allergies, intolerances and culturally-sensitive dietary needs. Because every child deserves great food – and providers and parents deserve certainty, every day.

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Smartest control

Our unique technology automatically analyses over 100 allergen ingredients against individual dietary needs. It generates tailored menu options with safe (and scrummy) alternatives in seconds.

Strictest processes

Our processes and packaging avoid cross-contamination, which is a real risk in many kitchens. Allergy-safe meals are individually sealed to eliminate guesswork. Clear and specific labelling takes the worry away – as well as strict quality and food safety compliance.

Vast capabilities

Our technology allows us to cater to special diets, at scale, with ease. Just some of the ingredients we can eliminate from individual meals include (alone or in combination): gluten, dairy, animal products, soy, lactose, chicken, beef, all meat, seafood and corn. We can also provide Halal and low-chemical meals.

We cater for the full range of special dietaries:

    • Gluten free
    • Dairy free
    • Gluten and dairy free
    • Vegetarian
    • Vegan
    • Dairy free and vegetarian
    • Dairy free and soy free
    • Vegan and soy free
    • Lactose intolerant
    • Chicken free
    • Seafood free
    • Beef free
    • Halal food
    • Corn free
    • Low chemical

Our standard menus exclude:

    • Nuts
    • Eggs
    • Halal friendly

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