Manage allergens as part of your childcare menu

Manage allergens as part of your childcare menu

Food allergies are becoming more and more common among children in Australia, increasing the importance of effective allergen management in childcare menus.

In our practical guide to developing a Food Allergen Management Plan, we unpack what it takes to create an allergy aware, safe, and inclusive environment for children with food allergies. And manage the everyday complexities of catering for special dietary requirements!

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Remember, don’t play with food.

At Wellbeing Food Co we specialise in helping childcare centres navigate multiple allergies, intolerances and culturally-sensitive dietary needs in childcare menus.

If your centre could benefit from the support of food safety and allergen specialists, years of tried and tested policies and controls, and the backing of customised software to minimise the risk of human error, let us take the worry off your plate.

As an advocate for childhood nutrition and allergy management, we love sharing our expert advice and providing research-based support and information to childcare centres, parents, and caregivers.

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Don’t just take our word for it


“If our kitchen hand is away, it’s so straightforward that I can pop anyone into the kitchen and they can do it easily – with no delays, meal changes or hiccups. The meals are always consistent and we don’t have to scramble to fill on for a chef or plan alternate meals because someone’s away sick.”


“When I tell parents how easily and confidently we can eliminate food ingredients for health or cultural reasons, right down to individual packaging and labelling, their minds are put at ease almost instantly.”


“When I do centre tours for prospective families, they are blown away by the healthy balance and variety of meals. They often say the children eat far better than most adults”